Architecture is the supreme art


There are two reasons to visit Bochum : you are a fan of coal mining or you do a Ph. D. in Hans Scharoun.

Johanneskirche by Scharoun, like many churches in Germany, was closed when I tried to visit it. On their website, they were whining and asking for donations..well, if you ask for money to maintain this building, at least keep it open. I called the diocese number, but, as always, I got an answering machine. People are too busy with heavenly duties to take care of the terrestrial ones. Read more about the building here.

Johanneskirche Bochum

I was luckier with a church in the center Christuskirche, An der Christuskirche 1, but you will find it easier where the Westring  18 meets the broad pedestrian street in the center. I rang a bell at the municipal office next to the church and people helped me get in. Read this useful site about the architecture in Ruhr.

Christuskirche Bochum

Christuskirche Bochum

Christuskirche Bochum

/0s detail on Westring

I never thought I would enjoy the Bergbau Museum in Bochum so much. I just went there because of my tyrannic SupraEgo which doesn’t allow me to miss anything. It was very close to the precedent church, so I biked a few minutes. What a treat ! The entrance looks lik efrom a 50s museum in eastern Europe. But inside, an abundance of machines explaining how to pump out the coal, how to dig galleries, to reinforce pits…Of course, the explanations are only in German, as always. The museum is a bit old and dusty, but feels even more authentic.

Model explaining the complexity of coal mining in the Ruhr

Model explaining the complexity of coal mining in the Ruhr

Bergbau Museum Bochum

Art inspired by mining life

..with a homoerotic twist

Procession in the XVIIIth century in a mining town

Fossils in the natural History section

Fossils in the natural History section

This museum offers the most imersive experience : a visit in a mine gallery.

From hell to heaven….

You can climb up the crane that lifts the coal pulleys. Did you say Bernd & Hilla Becher ?


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